Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kay Kummingz - (BBCWL46)

Number 46 on our on-going list of BBC Whores is a "Milf, Hot Wife & Queen of Spades" all wrapped into one person . . . I am talking about Mrs. Kay Kummingz!

Here are her specifics:

Here name: Kay Kummingz (aka. Hotwife Kay)
Status: Married with Kids
Nationality: White - US (Norwegian & Dutch Decent)
Home Town: St. Louis, MO
Porn Status: Amateur - Active
BBC Dedication: Both Black & White Cocks!
Claim to fame: Her tagline is the following "The classiest slut you'll ever meet!"
(Last Updated on Jan 28th 2014)

I have to say after reading one of her interview's on her website Kay is my newest favorite Slutwife because she seem to be really down to earth.

Here is a quick "Blurp" from one of her interviews:

What is your favorite sexual act that you enjoy performing the most?

That would be performing oral sex on a man. I am very passionate about giving head. When I go to what my husband refers to as “The Zone” I completely get into the pleasure I am giving a man with my entire being. In particular I use my mouth to make love to a man’s cock. I have a very unique sensual approach to the way I touch and pleasure a man. In my own “Special Kay” way I take them to places sexually that they’ve never been to before. There is also something really cool that happens to me when I deep throat a man’s cock. My pussy automatically squirts and the pleasure I receive is extremely intense and it just turns me on even more. If you’ve ever watched me give head you will understand what I’m trying to explain here. It’s a pretty awesome thing to witness

Here are her links:
Here are some of my favorite pictures:

And of course the videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


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  2. Hi Kay! I just saw you were on here and wanted to write a comment for the fans that see and discover you on here! :) Guys, Kay and I are friends and I can attest to the fact she is one of the sweetest and really SUPER girlfriends I have! She's also an AWESOME Black Cock loving white slut whore JUST LIKE ME! She can't EVER get enough Black Cock and we both share that feeling. I just love and adore her and you guys will ABSOLUTELY love her too!! Black Cocks Forever!! ((((Hugs)))) and Lickity kisses


    1. Thanks for your Post Khristy! I appreciate the love and support for what I do. I've got mad love for you and all the slutty things you do too. We both share an intense love for BBC. A fantasy I have would be to pull a train with you draining every man dry leaving them wanting us even more..woohoo! Much love girlfriend. <3

    2. You're so welcome Kay!! I totally agree, we need to do a huge gangbang and just simply fuck as many Black men as we can and drain them in every way possible!! I'm such a Black cock cum receptacle, I love it in my pussy and mouth... I love to swallow... and I TOTALLY want us to eat each others Black cock creampies!!! Black cum is Yum!!! Lots of love back to you girl... Lickity kisses :P <3 XoXo

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