Friday, January 3, 2014

Gabrielle Santini - (BBCWL13)

(Lucky) Number 13 is someone who loves Black Gang bangs and really embraces the whole cuckold scene . . . Gabrielle Santini.

Here are her specifics:

Name: Gabrielle Santini (aka Gabrielle Whore Wife)
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: South Carolina - US
Porn Status: Porn Star - Active
BBC Dedication: Does only Black Cock (Besides her White husband)
Claim to fame: She has a series of videos where she is either getting Black Gang bang or playing a submissive role.
(Last Update on June 27th 2016)

I would definitely like to learn more about Gabrielle since I was only able to find a limited information. 

She is associated with a website called "" and here is what they say about her . . . "I've turned my beautiful wife Gabrielle into an absolute submissive Slut for Black Cock and we're documenting everything here on our website.

I got her Black Fucked by four guys on our wedding night and now there's nothing this submissive slut won't do to get a hard Black cock in her sweet pussy ... Cream Pies, Bukkake, Gangbangs, DP ... She'll do anything a Dominant Black Man wants and loves it when her fertile pussy is full of cum from a big, hard Black cock."

Here are some good links for you:
Here are some quick pictures:

And of course my favorite videos of Gabrielle:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm I want to lick all over her clit and pussylips while those blackdicks pump her sweet pussy. Oh I'd lick their balls and tongue their blackassholes too just so I could lick those nasty blackdick creampies out of her hot slut pussy! OMG She is so deliciously nasty. I adore her and would love to kiss her with her mouth full of that blackdick nut!

  2. I love this woman! I remember the first time I saw a video where she was wearing a wedding dress and three big black bulls fucked her non-stop, they ran into her and so many beautiful things. For me, a white man, the perfect wife. I got addicted to her videos and I masturbated to the utmost with all her videos, many remember me the memory, but never get tired of them and shake my little white penis. All her excites me, her body, whore that is with black males, her voice, as I said, is perfect, and if one day she came to see me throw at her feet and worship her.

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  4. Would love to know if she is still in the business or if she swings and were??

  5. Does anybody have any "up to date" information on her???

  6. Gabrielle really exist? I'm an Italian friend organize fantastic gang bang friends with blacks, very numerous. Want to join alone or with your husband? Soon I'll come in the United States. Unable to get to know you? R.

  7. Where can I find a hotwife like gabby, wow, I would love to dominate this little BBC slut.

  8. HA! this guy is kidding. right? wow somebody hang up on this dude!! She is off the hook gorgeous and could be a super model or porn star just for her looks. Let alone personality is smoking hot. This girl is an all around bomb shell just waiting to explode, on me. Go get it gab, we all love ya here.. A toast.

  9. I would do anything to fuck you you name it ill do it message ill send you pictures please respond you are my ideal dream girl make my dream come true

  10. I jack off looking at you at least once are twice a day please make a fans dreams cum true

  11. Ok is she a swinger, or what, hotwife, invite only, or what? I've searched the web and can't find a thing besides these out dated movies that are really hot, but I mean wow. she has really covered her tracks when you can find someone this hot on the internet. Its like she has vanished off the face of the earth. Does anyone know anything about this hottie?

  12. Goes to show you, a hot wife has no problems getting more than 1 black man at a time if she wants!!!

  13. rare nice video

  14. Is Gabrielle Santini her real name?

  15. If she is an active porn star where can I find her most recent videos, pictures, web posts? I can't find her on any social media sites which makes me wonder if she is a real person or if the name is fake.

  16. Interracial Magic. I would love to see Gabrielle make a come back she is sexy taken all those creampies.

  17. no longer plays in films porn,retired retired from porn,as husband forbade her to play put her to choose between him or to play movie,and chose to remain with her husband,and refused to play in movies, no longer live in america,now they are living in europe in europe but do not give names where they live

  18. no longer plays in films porn,retired retired from porn,as husband forbade her to play put her to choose between him or to play movie,and chose to remain with her husband,and refused to play in movies, no longer live in america,now they are living in europe in europe but do not give names where they live

  19. Ryan, you seem to have the most recent info on her. I am really interested in more video made by her husband eg "Gabrielle Gets Nasty" where he referrers to other videos. Do you know where I may find them? Thanks for the update.

    1. Only two of the videos were ever made by her husband the one were she starts out getting fucked on a motorcycle in the garage the other in a hotel with the leather choker around her neck. All the others were filmed by the website owner he is the loud voice behind the camera everyone complains about and her husband never cleaned up as a cuck he is straight. Gab is a hotwife, and they are both swingers still in the lifestyle. She still loves her BBC bareback creampies her husband sets up her parties because she brings home her girlfriends for him. She is semi-retired because of the job she has she needs a more private life. The reason I know I am her biggest fan.

  20. Ryan, you seem to have the most recent info on her. I am really interested in more video made by her husband eg "Gabrielle Gets Nasty" where he referrers to other videos. Do you know where I may find them? Thanks for the update.

  21. Ryan. Do you have anyway of contact to Gabrielle and her husband. I"m a video producer and runing a new one next summer. Have a big offer for them.

    1. What would be the offer I have direct contact with her daily.

  22. Gabrielle has been in the top 5 most popular bbc whore list for more then a year now. It just seems a little odd that she would not set up a fan page, or a twitter, or even a facebook. Why just disappear without a trace like that and leave all her fans wondering. I'm sure she must have her reasons but it would be nice to have her give some feedback or chime in on a discussion every once and a while.

  23. Best gangbangs I've seen in a long time. Hope she will come out with some new movies soon.....

  24. I think its a great shame shes gone.She could have made big money from her site and mainstream porn,imo.

  25. I am a great admirer of Gabrielle Santini and have collected all videos working with black men and a few whites. Altogether I have 60 films, some in HD and other low resolution. My favorites are:

    - Knock up my wife
    - Wedding Conception
    - Anybody's Breeding Hole
    - Breeding Party
    - Fertile Womb Knockers Part 1 & 2
    - Gang Breed My Wife
    - Creampie, creampie, creampie
    - Smoking
    - Hubby on the Phone
    - Hbby's Whore Wife
    - My Wife is a Whore Free Streaming Porn
    - Breed Her 2
    - Breeding Farm (Gabrielle Santini & Taylor)
    - Super Bowl Party Free Streaming Porn

    More currently, I think is their latest videos because Gabrielle is with her red hair and not blond.

    - Redhead bred
    - The cuckold's Dream Cum True
    - Bowl Of Cum 4 Cuck
    - Cuckolds straw

  26. Geraldo, I too am a big fan - agree all the above but I'd also add "Superbowl Per game Fuck", "Speculum Slut", "Give me your baby making sperm", "My wife's fertile womb" where her pussy vibrates, and "Gabrielle Gets Nasty" videoed by her husband. I have one other filmed by her husband which is a bit weak. Do you any others filmed by her husband or with her pussy vibrating?

    1. .

      For the fans of the hotwife Gabrielle Santini found a mega Pack of movies to download via torrent (magnet) with 55 movies. Remember keep sharing after you finish your download. Don't be selfish.


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  28. Vanalan and Geraldo, let me share a list of all Gabrielle's videos:

    01. Hubby Wants Me Bred
    02. Breeding Party
    03. Bukkake Bitch - Part 1
    04. Bukkake Bitch - Part 2
    05. Wedding Conception
    06. Rehearsal Bred - Part 1
    07. Rehearsal Bred - Part 2
    08. Hubby's Phone Call
    09. Gabrielle's Used Panties
    10. Anything Goes
    11. Extreme Gangbang #1
    12. Extreme Gangbang #2
    13. Breeding Bride
    14. Breeding Farm
    15. Bukkake Twins
    16. Barefoot And Bred
    17. Workout
    18. Take Turns With My Wife
    19. Joining My Fertile Wife
    20. Messy Bukkake
    21. Gang Breed My Wife
    22. Fertile Womb Knockers
    23. Cowgirl & Her Black Bull
    24. Full Of Black Seed
    25. Knock Up My Wife
    26. All Hole Whore
    27. Breeding Frenzy
    28. Anybody's Breeding Hole - Part 1
    29. Anybody's Breeding Hole - Part 2
    30. Spike Heeled Breeding Whore
    31. Fertile Black Seed
    32. Black Sex Breeding
    33. Twisted Wives - Part 1
    34. Twisted Wives - Part 2
    35. Black Man's Pet
    36. Dominate Me
    37. Hurt My Wife's Ass
    38. Hubby's Whore Wife
    39. Bachelor Party
    40. My Wife's A Whore
    41. All Of My Wife's Holes
    42. My Wife's Fertile Womb
    43. Creampie, Creampie, Creampie
    44. Smokin'
    45. Super Bowl Party
    46. Super Bowl Pre-Game Fuck
    47. Electrocute Me - Part 1
    48. Electrocute Me - Part 2
    49. Nun & The Devil - Part 1
    50. Nun & The Devil - Part 2
    51. Give Me Your Black Baby Sperm - Part 1
    52. Give Me Your Black Baby Sperm - Part 2
    54. Wedding Dress Fuck
    55. Breed Her
    56. Plaster My Face
    57. Gang Fuck My Wife
    58. Black Breeding
    59. My Helpless Wife
    60. Wedding Day Whore
    61. Force My Bride
    62. Mistress & Gabrielle
    63. Speculum Slut
    64. Hubby Set Me Up
    65. Making My Wife Service Black
    66. Your Cum Dump
    67. I Got Blaque Bulled
    68. Cuckold's Straw
    69. Bowl of Cum 4 Cuck
    70. Two Wives and a Black Bull
    71. Black Bulls 4 Cuckold
    72. Hubby Loans 2 Black
    73. Foot Play
    74. Wedding Whore
    75. Taken From Hubby
    76. Hubby Had No Choice
    77. Give Me My Sloppy Seconds
    78. Gabrielle Gets Nasty #1
    79. Gabrielle Gets Nasty #2
    80. Submissive White Whores #1
    81. Submissive White Whores #2

    There are also two titles that were announced sometime ago on her web page but I've never seen:

    2 Black Cocks & Rikki
    Force That Big Black Cock Down

    1. .

      thesaint, thank you for posting the complete list of movies from our dear Gabrielle Santini. The list, the only thing I lacked was "Black Bulls 4 Cuckold - Part 2" when the bearded man does the cleaning at the end of service. Your list is of great importance to the fanclub hotwife queen. Thank you. Sorry my English because I am Brazilian and I have a little difficulty with the language.


    2. Geraldo, your English is OK, don't worry, I am glad you find the list useful. The clips of "Black Bulls 4 Cuckold" that you can find in xhamster and other similar places last just 29:44, the official video clip lasts 34 minutes, there is a video clip in xhamster (Black bulls 4 cuckold 3) that contains the 5 minutes missing (with the fat guy licking Gabrielle's pussy)

  29. Were is she, is there any information about here

  30. Thanks the saint, I haven't listed as you have 81 wow! I don't have #32 Black Sex Breeding, 71 Black Bulls 4 Cuckold, 73 Foot Play nor your last 2 off the list! I didn't see any of Gabrielle in '2 Black Cocks & Rikki' and couldn't find ' Force That Big Black Cock Down'
    'I like seeing fluffers in the background as in 'Fertile Womb Knockers'.and in 'Hubby Had No Choice' Gabrielle does a great BJ!! Wish she had more BJ videos.
    Ryan Tony a few comments up says they now live in Europe! There hasn't been anything on her Facebook for years.

  31. Vanalan, you may find #32 Black Sex Breeding (Gab312) and #73 Foot Play (Gab702a) at the site Bred By Black, I think you also may find #71 Black Bulls 4 Cuckold there, but I am not so sure, in any case there are several copies of that video clip at xHamster but under different names (eg: Cream a Lil'Slut, Redhead likes to get bred, etc) The last 2 titles #80. Submissive White Whores #1 (Tay310) and #81. Submissive White Whores #2 (Tay311) are also at Bred By Black, this site is part of Clips 4 Sale

  32. The Saint, 'Black sex Breeding' I haven't seen before - so thanks very much, Strange when I go into Clips4sale and search 'Gabrielle' it doesn't come up!! 'Black Bulls 4 Cuckold' I have titled 'Redhead Bred' but without the cuckold at the end of the clip. I like Gab with the Clit Stud in her latest videos. How many do you know showing her pussy vibrating? I think I only have 3!

  33. Vanalan, when you go to Clips 4 Sale you have to select a category first, in this case Interracial, and then you search for Gabrielle. You may be right: I only recall 3 video clips with her pussy vibrating too. And about her Clit Stud, I think she began using the piercing at the same time she changed her hair color, there are at least 6 video clips with her as a gorgeous red and with the piercing: Gab600 - Gab606 (just in case there is not a Gab603)

  34. The website has it wrong it was not on our wedding night but one night in college when after she wore me out I told her to go knock on my BBC roomates door. She was very shy and nervous my roomate was
    packing even for a black guy. She went and knocked on his door naked he let her in once she saw how large he was she was like that is never going to fit in me. She started to orally please him his monster came alive he performed oral on her then she climbed on top of him and he took his time and slowly went all the way in her. She started making sounds of pleasure I never heard her make with me so I called over three more friends with BBC and like a good little girl she pleased them all draining all their juices in her until the sun came up.

  35. Also, 'The Saint' - I only have 'Gabrielle Gets Nasty' and "Give me my Sloppy Seconds' as videos by her husband [which have much better camera work than all the others] do you have any others by her husband?

  36. Well Vanalan, I don't know if the two videos you mention were taken by her husband, certainly they were not taken by the usual (Indian? Pakistani?) cameraman/director with annoying voice and annoying comments, and that is a plus. Another clips without his voice could be:
    Gab-501 My Helpless Wife
    Gab-501.1 My Helpless Wife Finale
    Gab-506 Hubby Set Me Up
    Gab-506.1 Hubby Set Me Up Finale
    Gab-803 Taken From Hubby (I think this is the first Gabi's video) and maybe a couple more but I should have to check her whole library for a more thorough answer.

    1. Can you send a few photos of Gab-803 Taken From Hubby which i cant find anywhere, please thesaint.
      I have searched for months

  37. I believe those videos were taken by her husband because in the chatting he says that they can bunk there overnight and fuck her again in the morning before she goes to work!!
    'Taken from Hubby' is an early one - braces and tooth show more of a gap, but I think Gab looks younger in 'White Blonde Wife at Breeding Party'! But this is with the irritating cameraman.
    By the way what / where is the ref 'Gab803 ' apply - wouldn't do anything in 'Clips4Sale' and I couldn't open / find the site 'Bred by Black' !
    In 'Bukakke Bitch' the cameraman says she would be back in about 4 weeks and include doing a gangbang - have you seen that video?
    I hope her husband changes his mind and lets her make more videos - would like to see the start from when she enters the apartment!!

  38. She's in Europe met up with her in Amsterdam nice person

  39. Met her in Amsterdam great gal...

  40. Unknown, Great to hear that Gab is presumably going well. Any other information you have on them would be interesting. I can understand that they wish to maintain their privacy.

  41. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Gabrielle & Jim. Hope you return to the 'screen' sometime soon.

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  44. which is her roughest video/scene she has been in? PLEASE ANSWER
    are there any video/scene where she get cumshot directly in her mouth?
    which is your favourite gabrielle santini video?

    1. Her roughest scene? I should say the double penetration in Gab-322 | All Of My Wife’s Holes
      Cumshot directly in her mouth? I don't recall any scene but... I could be wrong
      My favorite Gabrielle's video? A hard one but let's go with Gab-210 | Anything Goes

  45. hey guys, which is the biggest cock that she got inside her, movie name?

  46. 'Breed Her' at the start and 'Pre Game Party' or similar title 3/4 way through by 'Carlos'. She has had a few spoon fed! Many favourites!

  47. does anyone have "Submissive White Whores" ? please reply

  48. Is there any video where she kisses..Seems like the only thing she doesn't do..

  49. Vanalan, what do you mean by similiar title 3/4 way through by Carlos

  50. are there any other great amateur porno actor like Gabrielle Santini?

  51. can anyone mention one video where she deepthroat a cock

  52. Can anyone update her status – still in Amsterdam or returned to the US? What are the Santini's doing these days?
    Really hoping Mr Santini allows Gabrielle to grace the screen again.
    Perhaps you might like to nominate your hottest scenes; for me they are :-
    Holding hands whilst being fucked in – 'Sharing her on her wedding day' at 25 min. and 'Take turns with my wife' at 30.15 mins when Gab rocks her hips as he holds her hand and she looks into his eyes!
    My favourite video - “Anybody's Breeding Hole” - Gab appears happy, chatty and very much at ease! I only know [Naughty] Alysha who is as much at ease and chats like Gab does!

  53. For gabrielle die hard fan:
    Yes I do have "Submissive White Whores" (1 & 2) You may buy them at Bred By Black through Clips 4 Sale
    Many times the clips you find at Xhamster or similar places don't have the 'official' title, that's the reason Vanalan writes: Pre-Game Party or similar, the name of that clip is: Super Bowl Pre-Game Fuck. And Carlos is the name of the guy who fucks Gabrielle at around 3/4 of that clip.
    There is not another Gabrielle Santini (for me at least).
    She doesn't do deep throat.

  54. what a BS she is in Amsterdam, i think she is in the USA. she stopt making films. nobody knows were she is. and if someone knows then show it that you know her or were she is, give the right information, and dont tell you know her and you have seen her bla bla bla

  55. do you know the name of her first scene or top 10 first scenes?

    1. I don't know what you mean by 'her first scene', her first video clip? And also her first 10 video clips? As I understand her first video clip is: (Gab-803)Taken From Hubby. Now her first 10 video clips would be (and this is just my guess):

      Gab-201 Hubby Wants Me Bred
      Gab-202 Breeding Party
      Gab-208 Hubby's Phone Call
      Gab-210 Anything Goes
      Gab-209 Gabrielle's Used Panties
      Gab-218 Workout
      Gab-217 Barefoot And Bred
      Gab-216 Mayhem
      Gab-220 Take Turns With My Wife
      Gab-221 Joining My Fertile Wife

  56. are there any scene where she need a break

  57. well.. it is one of the best porn movies that i have ever seen. She is really great and i hope that they are doing great. I would be glad to see some photos from now from her... i just want to imagine how she looks as the videos are 14 years old.

  58. What swinger sites is Gabrielle on? I would love to get in on some of these gangbang parties.

  59. Douglas Gorman, Gabrielle kisses her husband in 'Electrocute me' [or similar title] Anojan S. In 'Hubby had no choice' she has her lips firmly around a guys cock as he cums - the best clip in my opinion!

  60. Bred By Black, the studio which used to sell Gabrielle's clips through Clips4Sale has disappeared, does anybody know what has happened? Thanks.

  61. I'm confused some sites says Gabrielle is still active like this one, and some says she's retired which is it? If she is still active how would you know?

  62. I was told the owner maybe updating the Clips4sale store, at least I hope that's the case I'm still trying to finish my Gabrielle bred by black collection.

  63. Vanalan, which video does her husband featuring in, can you sum up all the video where her husband are in it???

  64. I just saw a couple of Gabrielle's videos in eBay if someone is interested. And by the way you can see Gabrielle's husband in:
    Gab-211 Extreme Gangbang
    Gab-220 Joining my Fertile Wife
    Gab-321 Bachelor Party
    Gab-322 My Wife is a Whore
    Gab-401 Smokin'
    Gab-405 Electrocute Me
    Gab-406 Nun and the Devil
    Gab-408 Give Me Your Black Baby Sperm
    And maybe a couple more? Not sure.

  65. Why this blog show gabrielle is active? it's true?

    1. No, it is not, we wish it was true but she is retired, hope she changes her mind

  66. Where is she active, and how do you know she's active?

  67. You are all wrong. Her and hubby contracted aids and are long gone for good never to return.

  68. None of these people have a clue. Public records they both have aids!

    1. I am sorry PoopDonkey or Unknown (you both are the same, right?) if you have some real info just post it here. And if you don't like Gabrielle's lifestyle nobody is forcing you to visit this place or similars.

  69. thesaint can post link the ebay link? that would be helpfull

    1. Some links I've seen:
      Probably there are more, you just have to keep an eye on eBay/Adult only/DVDs and movies/wife black

  70. what a BS she is in Amsterdam, i think she is in the USA. she stopt making films. nobody knows were she is. and if someone knows then show it that you know her or were she is, give the right information, and dont tell you know her and you have seen her bla bla bla

  71. Vanalan: Where can i find (Hubby Had No Choice), i am retired of looking for it

  72. Which video does she have maximum of orgasm? Can you name a few

  73. Does anybody has any information about Gabrielle Santini.
    whats her real name, does she have any social media accounts, where does she lives, what state she lives, what city she lives. what is she doing after her porn career. is she married, does she have kids. where is she hiding. any information. anything??

  74. Agreed how does someone fall off the grid like that? Where is she? Is she alive and well? How does someone just disappear without a trace like that?

  75. Gabrielle, Please comeback..we need you..

  76. Unfortunately her and her sisters sites stopped working in September 2016 ((((Information on them can not be found. Has anyone used these sites?

    1. Gabrielle's clips used to be produced by Fetish Fun Films and sold by Bred By Black studio, through Clips4Sale. Around Jun'16 Bred By Black disappeared from Clips4Sale and weeks later some other studios that also sold clips by Fetish Fun Films also closed. I do not know at the moment if there is another site on the web selling Gabrielle's clips, I hope so but... The only way to get them at this time is downloading from places like and/or etc. But sometimes the clips are of poor quality or shorter than the originals.

  77. what is the video name of these pictures?

  78. Who wants to download Gabrielle Santini movies collection, torrent link (19.56 GB) Russian site.

  79. does someone have either of these two??

  80. I really would be assume if Gab would make an appearance or if someone could give us a some real information on how she's doing and what her status is now.... She is really hot to just disappear. Come back Gab we love you.

  81. Can you name the name of the videos where she is have bracelet on?? please answer thesaint, Vanalan or Geraldo Lopez

    1. A bracelet? Do you mean a band or chain on her wrist? I don't recall Gabrielle wearing a bracelet or an anklet in any of her videos. She wears a choker in (gab-316)Black Man's Pet and in (Gab-209)Gabrielle's Used Panties

  82. Thesaint or Vanalan can you answer about the teeth braces?

  83. Gabrielle had the braces for over 50% of her videos!
    Question: Gabrielle is undoubtedly the best bbc gangbang MILF - her beauty, grace, ease before the cameras and class were unsurpassed; who are 2nd, 3rd etc after her? My suggestions are Naughty Alysha, Lori Lust and JanB. Any others?