Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jan B. - (BBCWL30)

I figured I would make my 30th BBC Whore List entry on someone who is a legend in the BBC whoring game . . . Mrs. Jan B!

Here are her specifics:

Name: Jan B.
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: Midwest US
Porn Status: Porn Star - Retired or Non-Active
BBC Dedication: Did only Black Cocks (besides her White husbands)
Claim to fame: Jan has been in the business for 20 years now where she is usually introducing ladies to BBC!
(Last Update on Jan 11th 2014)

I think anyone who is into White Women fucking Black Cocks will know about Jan B. she is a legend. She has introduced many of White Women to interracial sex  . . . Here are a few that I know of . . . Laura from: Laura's Black Lust (site is gone), and Holly Wetlove from: Wifebreeders (which has since been taken over by Erin Daye)...Christina and Salina (the 1st REAL mom/daughter IR ladies)...their site is gone as well. 

Here is a quick snapshot on what her website ( say's . . . "I am 56 years old; I have been married 41 years this July 8th. I'm an average midwestern housewife. Well at least I was until I got in the porn business. I came from a very loving family (religious) believe it or not.  I don’t have nor have I ever had low self esteem, never been molested as a child. So how did I end up in the porn biz you ask? Well I just love to fuck plain and simple. I wore my husband’s dick out early on in our marriage so he had to get some help to keep me good and fucked."

Here is the best link for Jan B.:
Some quick pictures that I found:

And of course my favorite video's on Jan B.:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


  1. She has long marriage, and gives her husband happy cuckolding moments that never gives, and many cuckoldwannabes,I hope she was happy herself as well

  2. Jan B. (Barley) is one of the hottest long-term BBC whores on the planet! I think her husband Mike passed away in 2010 but I think she still lives in Indianapolis.

  3. We had the good fortune of meeting Jan and Mike at the old LaPlase swingers club in Indy ... they were very nice and I got in on a circle suck in the hallway lol. sorry to hear Mike passed

  4. what a white trash ho! that's all she is


  5. Her husband died in 2010. He was an irritating clown in the videos with his stupid comments

  6. Mike Hunt, you shouldn't post "i heard" comments about someone having aids. You "heard" ..means shit. I "heard" you had aids from the "grapevine" too.

  7. Jan did more to advance race relations than MLK and the NAACP combined. She was the Queen of BBC and thanks to the net she will live on forever.

  8. Just love Jan B. White guy that really would love to meet her. Her website and movies are fantastic. She is the master of BBC and also a joy to watch and read about.

  9. I did buy few videos from her years ago and I have to say she is truly a legend; however her husband wasn't such a great video taker. I remember in some of her videos where her black lover inserted his cock deeply inside her and start fucking her intensely he barely took a shot of her pussy at close range, he always zoomed his camera at a long distance which made it frustrating to watch.