BBCWL Interview # 2: Hot Wife Harmoni Kalifornia

Interview with Hot Wife Mrs. Harmoni Kalifornia

My second interview is with someone that is Up & Cumming . . . Literally! I am talking about Mrs. Harmoni Kalifornia.

If you’re not familiar with Harmoni’s work and have been living under a rock for the past few years here is your chance to catch up. Before I even had a chance to chat with Harmoni I kind of got that feeling that she was “All Business But Having Fun” type of girl and boy was I right!

One of things that I enjoyed while we chatted was the fact that she knows what she wants when it comes to Her Life, Her Marriage, Her Persona and more importantly her Men!

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

BBC Whore List: Welcome Harmoni to BBC Whore List blog. Where are you from?
Harmoni: I am from central California.  

BBC Whore List: What is your age?
Harmoni: I am in my early 30’s; I don't really want to give out my actual age, yet.

BBC Whore List: What are your measurements?
Harmoni: 40 Bust 29 waist 38 hips

BBC Whore List: What is your height? Eye Color? Hair Color?
Harmoni: I am 5'7, blue eyes and blonde, strawberry blonde at the moment.  

BBC Whore List: Any piercings or tattoos?
Harmoni: No piercings. Yin-Yang Queen of Spades tattoo between shoulder blades

Stars on both legs.  Angel on right lower back and my name in Mandarin on the back of my neck.

BBC Whore List: Describe your personality?
Harmoni: My personality is straight forward, no bullshit.  If that can be a personality.  I have never been described as the typical dumb blonde, (unfair stereotype by the way), when I do something; I want to get it done right the first time.  I apply the same thing to sex, I am upfront with my partners about my likes and dislikes and their preferences (of course).

BBC Whore List: What’s your occupation?
Harmoni: I am in middle management, but becoming a web/porn star.  

BBC Whore List: How did you meet your husband or boyfriend?
Harmoni: I met my husband at a night club in town.  He was there alone and we literally bumped into each other.  That was in very early 2001, we have been together ever since, married for the last 10.

BBC Whore List: How would you describe your marriage/relationship and lifestyle?
Harmoni: I would describe my marriage as an open one, with some cuckold, fem-dom tendencies.  

BBC Whore List: Do you think you’ve always had natural “Hot Wife” tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Harmoni:  I always liked to flirt and I have always been more comfortable hanging out with men than a group of girls/women.   If I was in a relationship I still loved the attention I got from men, but I don't know that I acted on those feelings until I was encouraged to do so. 

 I was always loyal to my boyfriends and husband.  But when I was single I loved to fuck, anytime anywhere.  So when I started doing the hotwife thing, it came naturally, and easily!

BBC Whore List: How did you get into shooting movies or Amateur Porn?
Harmoni: DFW Knight has been telling me for years that I should make movies.  Then I went thru a near layoff at work, and I decided that I was done relying on others.  I wanted my own business.  My Tumblr was approaching 10 thousand followers, and my pictures were reblogged more than the regular IR stuff, so I thought, why not try to make a little money from what I enjoy.   I thought the tattoo and the Queen of Spades motif was a natural.    

BBC Whore List: Are you trying to go main stream with Porn?
Harmoni: I am not sure what you mean about being "trying to go mainstream with porn?  If you mean regular porn and white cock the answer is no.  I have no plans to change what I am. Although as I mentioned on the comments section, I certainly don't fault actresses who needed to cross over to obtain more content.  After all it is a content driven business.  

BBC Whore List: How many lovers have you had since becoming a so-called slut for BBC?
Harmoni: Right now I have counted 25 since I went BBC only. Understand that some of those are multiple times LOL!

BBC Whore List: Have you ever tried a gang-bang?
Harmoni: I have had numerous threesomes, but never more than two.  I am not sure that includes orgies.  I have enjoyed one of those and it had 6 men attend, but I shared them with 3 other girls.  

I am looking forward to my first real gang-bang.  I may do it for one of the commercial sites; I may keep it for me and my site! 

BBC Whore List: Do you swallow?
Harmoni: I prefer sucking on a big black dick.  I take great pride in feeling a big dick get hard in my mouth.  Plus a man really appreciates a good blowjob; they know when you are going through the motions. Yes, I swallow, but I usually take cream pies.  I love having my pussy filled up to the brim with black cum.    

BBC Whore List: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Harmoni: 6 is the most, at the orgy.  Although to be honest, I need to review the footage.  I am not sure how much I was fucked that evening!

BBC Whore List: Does size matter to you?
Harmoni:  Size absolutely matters to me.  Long and thick is best!

BBC Whore List: What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?
Harmoni: In general, I like to wear clothes that show off my tits without being too obvious.  I am the only woman in an all-male office, I have no doubt they pay attention, I enjoy it.

BBC Whore List: Any fetishes you are into?
Harmoni: In bed, I sleep nude.  I enjoy public sex, flirting in public, and showing off, but don't all porn stars!  

BBC Whore List: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Harmoni:  Golden showers.  Still not sure how I felt about them.

BBC Whore List: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Harmoni: I find most of my lovers thru the internet, and friends.  But any men who are interested in filming with me should absolutely contact me.  

BBC Whore List: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Harmoni: My biggest fantasy involves a well hung Idris Elba lookalike coming into my office as a customer of some sort.  As we interact thru the day, he is ignoring everything I do to gain his attention.  He is so oblivious to my flirting that by the end of the day I am convinced he is gay!  Then as I am leaving I see a note on my car windshield from him, he had recognized me the moment he walked in and left the note with his hotel and room number.  I call the hubby to tell him I will be late and go get fucked!

BBC Whore List: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
HarmoniOutside of the lifestyle, well right now I am so busy getting everything going that I have no time for anything else.  I enjoy college football, the 49ers, reading, working out.  I still want to skydive!

BBC Whore List: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Harmoni:  My site will launch in May, I hope that it becomes a hit with my fans.  I would love an AVN nomination for best MILF or specialty anything.  Who knows what kind of BBC slut I am destined to be?  

BBC Whore List: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Harmoni: My plans for the future in the lifestyle include keeping exactly the same.  I want to explore my dominant side.  A certain number of fans want me to be their dominatrix, so I may give that a shot.   In my wildest future plans I get to shoot with Mandingo, Shane Diesel, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Jovan Jordan, Richard Mann (again), and several others!   Who knows, but I am enjoying myself right now and I am very excited about the future of HarmoniKalifornia.XXX


Well H.K. I really appreciate you taking the time to chat and we (BBC Whore List - viewers) "CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR WEBSITE TO GET UP AND RUNNING"!



  1. Great Interview. Looking forward to more Harmoni

  2. The reason her photos have been re-blogged so often is that.........she's so damn fucking gorgeous! =)

    (BTW....from one CentralCali native to another........I've ridden my bicycle through Harmony, California.........(Morro Bay to Cambria.) =)

  3. She's is perfection personified. It's a shame I look the way I do, because I would love to get me a white girl like her.

  4. Jimmy, Andre,
    Thank you both for the really nice words, I hope I continue to make you both happy!

  5. Ahhh... Harmoni... You are the sexiest BBC slut in the world. I love it when you are sucking a huge BBC and you look into the camera. You posted one on your tumblr and I messaged you that I was in LOVE.

    I would love to play the role of your cuckold in one of your movies, with my white dicklet locked in a steel chastity cage for the night (with my face hidden from the camera of course)., wearing whatever degrading and humiliating clothing you want. I want to be completely subservient to you and obey your every command.

    I want to buy you a sexy new outfit and dress up in it then take you to a hotel (that I pay for, of course) for a gangbang with at least 4 BBC Lovers.

    As your BBC Lovers begin to arrive, I will make drinks for them, and once the mood starts getting loose, I will begin undressing you in front of them, suffering humiliation from you and from your BBC Lovers, fluffing your BBC lovers for you, hold your legs up for you while you get pounded, clean the Black Cum from your pussy between lovers, clean the Cocks of your BBC Lovers after they dump their cum, and upon conclusion of the evening, enjoy your full weight face-sitting as you grind your freshly fucked pussy into my face to make sure I get every drop of BBC Cum out.

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  6. Recently I saw YouTube clip Sotomeyer talking about how Mr. Marcus knew he has syphilis and continued to work in porn. And has reason that filming got shutdown. You might want think twice about him. Whether it's true don't know.

  7. Yeah your pictures get re-blogged so much because harmoni you shannen wilde and Jennifer Ashton are hands down the only REAL queen of spades that are on straight pornstar level not only looks but onscreen sex appeal. Thats why so many people didn't think you were real, lol. And so many mad white guys send shannen wilde hate. Pornstar overall qualities and decided to bring them into our world of the interracial lifestyle. Thats a score for black bulls and interracial cucks. :)

  8. Thank you all for the great compliments! Anyone want to see more?

  9. Fuck yes.We would love to see more.

  10. this woman is a true QOS Slut. AMAZING with BBC

  11. I watch these girls come and go, this one is no exception. Holly wetlove, Jinxypie, Lori Lust, Amber Blank, countless others. Pregnant, divorced, family members find out the truth they disappear and their trying to get all their stuff off of the net.

  12. Awesome interview. Definitely nothing more appealing and attractive than a woman that knows what she wants. Best of luck with your career. My girlfriend wants to be involved in the business, but we dont know how to go about it. Any advice for a college grad from NY?

  13. anything with her in it is a TOTAL BORE if she was A REAL QOS she would HONOR black men in REAL LIFE not just fuck them because it's the IN THING.........she is so fake it's not even funny. can't suck more than 3" can't fuck more than 6" and doesn't do anal........only men who fuck her are the one's looking for FREE CHEAP USED UP PUSSY

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  15. Harmoni is the best there is, she definitelyhas my vote. CA Black love.

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