BBCWL Interview # 1.1: Hot Wife Rosa Mendoza

Welcome to a new section in my Blog Site . . . The Interview Section!
More than once after I post something about specific BBC Whore I somehow come into contact with this person. Some want something removed or some send a quick note thanking me for adding them to the list. 
No matter what time of correspondence we have I end up learning more about this Beautiful BBC Whore. So I thought to myself why not interview them and share with my audience.
Now don't get me wrong I am not a Journalist or a professional Interviewer so these "Interviews" will be raw & un-cut. However they will be from someone who enjoys these BBC Whores as much as you do! 

So sit back and enjoy the ride  . . . Here is my first interview with someone who I think is just a class act.

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Hot Wife Rosa Mendoza's 2nd Interview

I hope you enjoy this little Latin Slut as much as I do! 

~Mister X


For the people who don’t know you, What is your name and please describe yourself?
Rosa Mendoza is my birth name but I am married now with a different last name. I’m 36 years old, 32C, 5’3”, 115 lbs. Mexican American with Brown Eyes, change my hair color on a regular basis but it’s naturally brown. I was born in San Jose, CA but I know live in San Francisco, CA.

When did you lose your virginity?
I was 13 when I lost my virginity  . . . He was older! LOL

How many guys would you say you have been with since you started being a Hot wife?
Wow . . . I honestly don’t know! I would say it’s definitely more than 40 but less than 100.

So you started taking cock when you were 13 and you’re up to at least 40 guys … Is it safe to say you have always been a Whore for Cock?

LOL … I guess so? I can be shy at times but when it comes to sex I really open up as you can see in my videos.

And how did your husband get use to you being very sexual?

I met my husband at work he was one of my clients. I am in the Real Estate industry and I helped him while he was looking for an investment property.

After dating for a while we got married and it wasn’t till then that we started getting into Swinging or sex outside of our marriage. Like most married swinging couples it was his idea to start and his idea to be with Black Men.

How did you first get into the Swinging Lifestyle or what some people call being a Hotwife?
I first got into Swinging about 7 years ago when my husband and I went with some friends to a Swinging club in San Francisco. We were shy and just people watched for the first few times we went. After a few visits we were approached by a lot of couples asking if we wanted to join them.

I really LOVE being a Hot Wife because you can be yourself and you get to fuck a lot of cute guys! It really is a complete freedom to be a slut and of course my husband approves which makes it even better.


What made you interested in Swinging and how long have you been in the lifestyle?
I have always been excited about the idea of being watched while I am having sex so I guess it started from there. My husband and I were really into it for about 5 years but we really started to slow down in the last 2 years.

What do you prefer Black or White Men when you’re Swinging?
I love my husband and no one could ever replace him and he is White. He understands me completely and has been there for me through a whole lot of personal things.

But when we do have someone over that person is definitely black and he better be packing! LOL. I don’t know what it is exactly but I can’t get enough of them Black Boys.

So is it safe to say that anytime you Swing it exclusively with Black Men?
I would say yes at this point! LOL I never started swinging thinking that I only want Black Men it kind of happened. I was always attracted to Black Men but being from a very traditional Mexican Household it was strictly off limits. So when we started looking for partners I tended to gravitate towards the Black Men. Honestly my husband encouraged it as well so it was a no brainer!

Do you have specific Black Lover or do you mix it up with anyone?
At first I was with any Black Man I thought was cute but after a while that got old. I mean Black Men are usually good lovers but there are few bad eggs! LOL

So we decided to stick with a select few that I definitely enjoyed and my husband felt comfortable around.

Select Few? How many is that?
At first it was 4 to 5 different guys that I got really comfortable with. You’ve seen them in the videos that I have online but now it’s really down to only 2 guys. I am not as active as I use to be so when I do go and play I usually call one of them.

Do your friends and family know that you and your husband Swing?
At this point most of my family and friends know that we were into the lifestyle but I am not sure if what details they know. If they ask I will definitely tell them because I am not ashamed of this lifestyle in fact it has made my marriage stronger.

You say most of your Friends & Family know about it can you elaborate a little more.
Well at this point it’s pretty obvious to anyone we meet personally due the fact that I got pregnant 2 years ago. And the fact that our baby is Bi-Racial baby . . . Black & Mexican.

I did read in some forum somewhere that you got pregnant by one of your Black Lovers which is why you left the scene. Is this true?
Yes it’s true . . . It wasn’t on purpose and definitely totally by accident. I was switching from a different type of Birth Control and I got pregnant during this switch.

We were not going to keep it at first due to the fact that it’s not my husbands but we ended up changing our mind. We knew what this meant . . . It meant that we would have to explain to our Friends & Family why our Baby isn’t White but Black.

So are you still in touch with the Biological father?
At first yes we were but we have now gone our separate ways . . . We consider him the donor and we are the parents. We still keep in touch from time to time but it’s different for all of us now.

I definitely have to give Kudos to you and your husband because some people who live your lifestyle couldn’t handle that. How do you and your husband deal with it?
We don’t think of it that way … We think it’s a blessing in disguise because we love our child. I am sure there are people out there that look at us like weirdos or judge us honestly I don’t care.  

Well good for you . . . So you and your husband are living a true cuckold lifestyle. Given that you got pregnant from someone else while you were still married and now he is raising that child. How do you guys feel about that?

First off we love our child so on a day to day basis we really don’t think about that. However when we are Swinging and he sees me with someone else I like to remind him that his wife is a whore! LOL He likes that kind of thing.

Sounds like a fun marriage where you both trust and love each other?

Yes we love each other immensely and that is what makes what we do work.

So what is Rosa up to these days?
Well I am active on my Twitter and I am active on my profile and I do play from time to time. But I mainly keep myself busy with work and my family.

And from time to time have fun on the weekends with my select few Black Boys! LOL

I am sure you have been asked this before . . . Have you thought about doing Professional Porn?

I have thought about it since I have a few video’s online and I seriously considered it at one point. But after I had my child I think I am more interested in being a Mom and a Slut Wife with my Black Hunks! LOL

If you could set up a One Night Stand with a Porn Star, Movie Star and Singer/Rapper who would it be?
This is actually easy and I bet my husband could name these for me too! LOL

    Porn Star: Big Max (KillerCram) from; I love Big Black Men and I feel like he could just Man Handle me and not to mention he is a hottie! 

    Movie Star: I think I would go for Tyrese Gibson (Fast N Furious Star) who is native to CALI just like me and of course he is FINE!

    Singer/Rapper: WOW, this is kind of hard because there are two of them that I REALLY like. I would say it’s a choice between Rick Ross and TI! LOL

Big Max huh . . .  I bet he would love to shoot with you so is there anything you would like to say to him?

Ha Ha Ha . . . Umm Big Max if you’re there listening . . . I want to have your baby! LOL . . . Oh and I want to make a movie with you . . . Some day!

Nice . . . Wish I was one of these guys! LOL.  Thank you for allowing me to interview you and for being my first interview on my site.
Your welcome Mister X … It was actual fun! 


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