BBCWL Interview # 1.2: Hot Wife Rosa Mendoza

Hello BBCWL Community,

I had the pleasure of chatting with "IR Whore" sensation Mrs. Rosa Mendoza for the second time about some of the most asked questions we have for her.

Again Rosa is by far one of my favorite "Amateur Swingers" out there because she is living her life according to her terms. In this second interview we will finally get answered some of the biggest questions our community wants to know.

For instance:
  • How did she get Black Pregnant?
  • Who is the real Father & how does her husband deal with it?
  • How come we haven't seen any new Videos of her?
  • What has been up to lately?

Without further ado here you go:

Thank you for interviewing with me     again! 
You know I love chatting with you Mister X!

So most people on my website know of you and know that I kind of favor you over other Latina BBC Whores. 
I kind of got that as I read your new postings and of course I am flattered!

What do you think it is that attracts people to you in our community? 
LOL, I don’t know … Honestly I think it’s the whole Married Wife thing!?! Oh and the fact that I have mixed child! People are always asking me about that.

I see … That does seem to be the number one question! Is Rosa really Black Bred? 
Yeah, get that a lot … I mean that question is asked ALL OF THE TIME! LOL

I know we actually chatted about that in our last interview but that does seem to be a top question. Why don’t we chat about that a little more? 
Sure, you know I have no problem talking about that

We all know that you’re married and that you have a child that is not by your husband. And on top of that that child is half Black and not white. 
Is that a question? LOL, Yeah that is the case.

Just wanted to set the stage for the next line of question.  Let’s start from the beginning … Did you ever think you would end up Pregnant from another man while you were married to your husband … A Black Man at that! 
Of course not, I mean my husband and I do talk dirty when we are out swinging and sometimes I would say things like,” I want to be Black Pregnant!” or “Do you love your Black Bred wife!” … LOL … But we never thought it would actually happen.

Gotcha … So when you first found out I am sure you were surprised. Do you remember when you first found out you were Black Pregnant? 
I actually do remember because I just finished working out and I didn’t feel so good. In fact I told a good friend of mine that I think I might be pregnant because I was super hungry. When I told her this I was completely joking!

Wow … You kind of knew already!?! So when was the last time you were with a Black Man before you found out? 
Well that was the thing as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I already knew that It wasn’t my husbands because of my last meeting with our Black Bulls

Really? What do you mean? 
My last encounter wasn’t just with one person it was with 3 different people. It was a gangbang and actually my first gangbang! LOL
Sorry if I sound a little selfish but WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU NOT FILM THAT!!! LOL 
LOL, we did actually film it but we can’t post it anywhere because the person that got me pregnant is in that video. And when we found out it was his baby it didn’t go so good for him and his family.

Really, I definitely want to explore that subject further however help me understand how it went for you when you had to tell your husband. 
Sure, I didn’t tell my husband right away about my being pregnant because I wanted to make sure I was before we had this discussion. So I went to my doctor to take a test (I believe I was roughly 6 to 7 weeks) and make sure.  

Well the results were obviously positive and I was kind of confused because I was on birth control. I knew that I recently switch to another kind of birth control however the doctor assured me that I couldn’t get pregnant during this switch.

So you were switching Birth Control and you somehow still got pregnant? Wow did the Baby Daddy have Super Sperm or something!?! LOL 
LOL . . . I know right! The doctor did explain that when I made that switch I was at the end of my other birth controls timeframe for prevention. Which is why I was making the switch in the first place.  

However depending on the person that is taking the birth control the actual end of date could be different. I guess they have to take into count the persons Weight, Height and Diet.

Gotcha … That makes sense. So you now know you’re pregnant which was confirmed by a doctor. How do you break the news to your husband? 
My husband and I are SUPER close and we share everything. I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal when I told him however I was still nervous. When we first got married we did discuss having kids however my husband who is older than me by 14 years and has had issues in the past with having kids. So I kind of figured it might not be his baby and wanted to make sure we’re on the same page. 

When I got home right after my doctor’s appointment and when my husband got home from work I just sat him down and broke the news. At first he was kind of speechless but then he quickly knew it might not be his after our last meeting with our Black Bulls.

Man I wish I could see this video!! Okay so you and your husband both know that it might not be his and he is totally cool with that? 
Not really but we needed to make sure who it belonged to? Him or the 3 other Black Bulls we had fun with. So I made a call to each of them and told them the news and told them that I was going to need to have a paternity test to make sure who it belong to.

Wow, I wish I would be a “Fly on the Wall” during these conversations. How did each of the Black Bulls take the news? And can you please give me a description on each of these Black Bulls? 
Sure, so like I said there were three different guys that I had fun with two of which actually cummed inside of me. The third guy I was basically just sucking him off and he finally cummed on the tits.

Wait Wait Wait … I think I might want you to describe what happened during this gangbang in a little more detail! LOL 
LOL, I am not shocked by that! I will make it this story as short as possible especially since we’re mainly talking about my pregnancy.

One of the three guys was someone who I seen a regular basis and we were actually kind of dating. With my husband’s permission of course. The other two guys where people he knew and brought around when we hung out. We will call this one guy Bull Number 1 … LOL … So Bull Number 1 and I were seeing each other on a regular basis (Hung out at least 3 to 4 times a month) and I had told him that I never had a gangbang. 

You were dating for a little while? What does that mean? Was your husband a full blown cuckold? 
We would basically go out on Dinner Dates and then fuck afterwards so my husband and I just called them dates. My husband is definitely NOT a Sissy Type of Cuckold … In fact he is very dominate in bed.

And during these dinner dates with Bull Number 1 I mentioned to him that I might be interested in doing a GangBang with some of his friends. Of course he was totally up for it … My Black Bull and Husband!

Oh Okay I understand now so back to the GangBang … Tell me more about this. 
Well it was on a weekend. I normally met with Bull Number 1 for some drinks and this time we went dancing in San Francisco. Afterwards we took a cab back to his place (he lives in Oakland) where we met up with his two other friends.

One of these friends I already knew from some other Swinging Parties my husband and I went to. In fact I already had sex with this guy and I was comfortable with him. The third guy was completely new and I didn’t know him but he was cute. LOL

So Bull Number 1 and I started kissing and got undressed while the other two watch and finally they joined.

Where was your husband during this whole thing? 
He met us back at Bull Number 1’s condo

Got it, so you and Bull Number 1 were kissing and then the other two joined. What happened next? 
LOL … Well before the other two joined I was basically sucking Bull Number 1s cock and when the other two joined in I got on my knees so Bull Number 1 could fuck me doggy style while I sucked off Bull Number 2s cock. 

This went on for a while and then Bull Number 1 finally cummed inside of me and he usually shot a big load so I was really messy. LOL. After he was done Bull Number 2 switched and we fucked for a while until he cummed inside of me too. While this was going on I was sucking off Bull Number3s cock who finally shot his load on my tits.

God Damn that is so freaking hot Rosa! LOL. So you had two guys cum inside of you and one on your tits were you ready for more? 
Well ready or not my husband wanted to have some fun too so we went at it for a little while until after sucking his cock for a bit I finally swallowed his load.

I do understand now why you were so confident that it wasn’t your husbands. So you had Bulls basically take a paternity test and where they happy about that? 
Bull Number 1 wasn’t happy because as it turned out he was engaged and in a serious relationship (which of course I had no idea) and Bull Number 2 really didn’t have an opinion either way.

Did you even have your husband take the test too? 
Yes we did because we did have sex the following week where he cummed inside me too.

So all three potential men were tested (White – Husband 50yrs, Black Bull #1 30yrs, Black Bull #2 25yrs) and how long did it take for the test to come back? And when it came back what was the final results? 
Well as we all know by now it wasn’t my husbands which we found out right away because we had access to the results immediately. And honestly he already knew that it wasn’t going to be his given that he has had issues with conceiving a child. 

We had to wait a week or so to get the results back on the Black Bulls and when we finally got the results it confirmed that I was Black Bull #1.

So Black Bull #1 was the lucky SOB who knocked up the famous Rosa Mendoza! Wow … Did he know right away that you were going to keep it? If not what did he think you were going to do? 
I initially thought I wasn’t going to keep it because I knew for a fact that it wasn’t going to be my husbands. But after going back and forth with my husband we both decided to keep it. 

Now we just had to tell Black Bull #1 the news!

His situation was a little complicated right? 
That is an understatement! LOL We (Husband and I) were under the impression that he was single with no kids and not in any serious relationships. Not that it mattered either way because that is his own business however he made it point to tell us that he was single. Well it turned out that he was definitely in a relationship and was engaged to be married in about year after I got pregnant.

So how did he take it when you told him you were keeping it? 
Well he wasn’t too happy about it at first but after my husband and I told him that we weren’t expecting anything from him at all he kind of changed his feelings.

Obviously there are legal ramifications associated to this which I can’t into but effectively he signed his rights on over to us.

I remember from our last interview you stated that you kept in touch with him for a while. Is this still the case? 
We did for a while however his family eventually did find out that he got me pregnant. After that we kind of stop talking and never really kept in touch.

Didn’t his fiance at the time contact you? 
She did … And that was really uncomfortable. She kept leaving messages on my cell phone to call her because she wanted to talk to me.

I finally called her and told her that I never knew about her and I thought Black Bull #1 was single. Of course she didn’t believe me and started calling me all sorts of names so I just hung up.

Wow … What a crazy story! I have to give it to you … You’re one strong women to deal with all of that. So let me start a new topic of questions. It’s pretty safe to assume that we (BBCWL Community) love your videos; how come you haven’t come out with any new ones. 
What’s a matter you don’t like my older videos? LOL. I get that question asked a lot too. I kind of stopped uploading new videos because after having my child I didn’t feel too comfortable with my body. You know women we want to look perfect! LOL 

I have started to film again and in fact I am in talks with some of the Male Porn Stars out there to possibly shoot a scene.

Really!?! Can you say who? Oh and the guy is Black right!?! 
LOL, Well I can’t say who he is right now because we’re still in talks from a business perspective. But you can definitely bet that he is Black. I wouldn’t film with any other race … I just love a Black Man! LOL

Man I can’t wait to find out who the lucky SOB is … You need to tell me as soon as you can! Well Rosa thanks again for a great interview and good luck on your future stuff. 
Your welcome babe … Any time!


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