Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paloma Sanchez-Jackson - (BBCWL2)

Our 2nd Big Black Cock Whore is Latin Hot Wife who goes by Mrs. Paloma Sanchez-Jackson.

Here are her specifics:

Name: Paloma Sanchez-Jackson (aka Queen of Spades)
Status: Divorced
Nationality: Latina (US)
Home Town: Las Vegas - NV
Porn Status: Amateur - Active
BBC Dedication: Only does Black Cocks
Claim to Fame: Divorced Latin Cuckress who loves BBC
(Last Update on June 27th 2016)

Here is a quick synopsis from Paloma herself (via . . .  

I’ve been a Puta (Slut) for over 10 years now and I'm pretty much hooked on BBC. I’ve been involved in a lot of sex and I can honestly say that I’m a BBC nympho:) I thank my Ex Jamaican black stud who owned me and gave me my first baby and also my Latino Papi and husband for the past 10 years for turning me out and I’m surprised at how long I lasted with my current husband after my first black fuck and how much i still crave chocolate (but i never go without so i cant complain which is why i still stay married:). I’m pretty much only looking for one thing, BBC (Yo soy Puta con duenos negro y propiedad para solo cojer verga negra! – I’m an owned Slut and property for black dick!). I'm not saying that white or brown aren't my flavor and if my man(owner) pimps me to them then it’s all good, but I prefer black and love to be treated the way I am by black men.

She is a little on the thicker side however you can't deny the fact that she is a dedicated "BBC Whore". If you have any other information on this BBC Whore feel free to send me a quick note so I can update.

Here is good links to videos on Mrs. Sanchez:
 Here are some quick pictures:

Here are some videos of Paloma:

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  1. I know this whore .... she hits you up for money. She is a admitted street whore