Sunday, January 5, 2014

Harmoni Kalifornia - (BBCWL24)

Number 24 on our BBCWL is someone who has a knack for hiding her face while sucking on a BBC! I am talking about . . . Mrs. Harmoni Kalifornia!

Here are her specifics:

Name: Harmoni Kalifornia (aka txhotwifeforbbc, Nikki, Texas Queen of Spades)
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: Texas (now lives in California)
Porn Status: Amateur/Porn Star - Active
BBC Dedication: Only Black Cocks (besides her White husband)
Claim to fame: Blogging Superstar Harmoni definitely loves her BBC ... Even has a QoS tattoo on her back!
(Last Update on September 21st 2014)

The fact that Harmoni Kalifornia (HK) hides her face keeps me wanting her even more! I don't know why but it just works for me so great job on that one HK! LOL. She has an active TUMBLR blog site, Updated site and she just did two new videos with DFWKnight (DFWKnight, Big Max and Mr. Nuttz seem to be cocking down all of these White Whores . . . Lucky Bastards!). 

Here is a quick snapshot on what she wrote on her Blog Site . . . "I am a happily married Hotwife who loves big black cock. I am a true Queen of Spades with the tattoo to prove it. This blog is a collection of pictures, gifs, thoughts and sexy things that entertain me or turn me on. My pictures are tagged Harmoni Kalifornia.

I love the BBC lifestyle and I appreciate a well hung black gentleman.
I like to dress very provocatively and be shown off while on dates with well hung black men. If you are shy, I am probably not the hotwife for you.

I started out swinging in 2001and then went BIG and BLACK in 2004.

I can't wait to see more video's of this Hot Wife!
(NEW UPDATED) - Just posted my latest interview with Hot Wife - Harmoni Kalifornia so go and take a look!

Here is a link:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Here are some links for HK:
Here are some pictures I found:

And here are her videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


  1. Thank you for the publicity, I appreciate the nice words.

    1. No problem . . . And well deserved!

      I really can't wait to see more of your work! :-)

  2. Seems like a real genuine black cock slut and not a gimmick. Looking forward to seeing the dfwknight vid once I get around to it. It worries me that she is still fucking her husband though. I sincerely hope she is at least making him use a rubber.

  3. Just curious, is harmoni really BBC ONLY? (only shoots interracial scenes with black guys.)

  4. Harmony is one sweet BBC slut. She needs to go get Knighted again

  5. As a wife u have experience hope u teach others

  6. No she isn't. I heard she has shot her first scene with a white guy due out later this year.

  7. Wrong, this is Harmoni. I have not done a single shoot with a white cock.

    Harmoni Kalifornia

  8. On your tumblr you said you might, so does that mean you will no longer be blackcock only down the line? Are you transitioning?

  9. I think you might have her confused with another "BBC Only" girl named Kalifornia, she shot her first white scene a couple weeks ago she announced on her facebook page. If your looking for girls that are real QOS (BBC ONLY) here is your list:

    Jennifer Ashton
    Fonda Black aka Riley Brooke
    Randi Parkwood
    Sheryl (of gregandsheryl)
    @SnowbunnyQOS (dont know her real name)
    Brittany Sands
    Shannen Wilde
    Brittany Cummings
    Candy Cotton (pornstar that went black and never went back)
    Olivia Secret (pornstar that went black and never wen back)

    Those ladies are top flight REAL bbc addicts. Look them up and enjoy their nastiness! :)

  10. Yeah harmoni you never shot with a whiteguy but you said on your tumblr to a white you might make an exception with white cock. That sure didn't sound like a someone thats suppose to bbc only. I think you love fucking black men and look HOT AS FUCK doing it btw. But I never heard a queen of spades say that she MIGHT shoot with a white guy, unless she is changing her mind about being a qos.

  11. Wow, I never thought one comment would come back to haunt me! ;)

    To be honest, I have not shot with a white man, and at the moment, I have no intention to shoot any scenes with a white guy.

    I made the comment on the remote possibility that some remote day in the remote future there might be a remote possibility of a white cock getting near my pussy.
    I meant it in the "so you're saying there's a chance" funny way.

    I promise you that I have no intention of betraying my love for black men and beautiful BBC.


  12. Okay I just read up on you did not know who you were before coming here. You are sexy Ms Kalifornia first of all. But I seen that you are a BIG fan of Janet Mason and you are looking to become a pornstar. Pornstars who started out as BBC Lovers like janet mason, katie kox, ect. are Notorious for once their porn career takes off to changing their mind. And not only changing their mind but doing more with white guys than they are WILLING to do with black guys. Katie Kox did her first and only anal and DP scenes with whiteguys. I don't know what it is about porn and what they tell these girls, but porn changes bbc only hotwives' such as yourself's minds. Probably by influence. It's like it's okay if a girl is whiteguys only but NOT okay of she is BBC Only(so they have to get them out of that.) You would be the first BBC Only hotwife that crossed over into porn and only did black guys. Shannen Wilde tried to be a bbc only pornstar but to no prevail. Porn is a white man's game they will get what they want, but if you can overcome that kudos to you. But honestly it doesn't matter to me, at least you are doing black guys providing interracial fans with some hot content.

    Looking forward to your site I will be back on twitter to follow you when I get a new account. Thank you for showing fans of BBCLovers another hot wife to embrace! :)

  13. Anon,
    Thank you for the reply. Look, one of the things we girls have to do is gather content, no content or new content and the site will die. Some of the above girls may have needed more content and simply fucked white cock to keep the revenue coming in.
    Hopefully, and right now at least, my site will remain my hobby that brings in some revenue, and since I am not reliant on the site for support and can continue to fuck BBC only.

  14. Harmoni is freaky hot. Truth be told, I wouldn't care if she's with black,white,asian or hispanic. She makes it hot. If in the future she does more than just BBC who cares. It's her body, her choice. FYI I've seen her videos, and they're SMOKIN' HOT!!


  15. Great hotwife, have been glad to see her coming into her own as a porn star. She is one to watch.