Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nina Black - (BBCWL116)

Our 116th BBC Whore List entry is yet another White Hot Wife who has turned to the "Dark Side" and she goes by Mrs. Nina Black!

Here are her details:

Name: Nina Black
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: West Texas, USA
Porn Status: Amateur - Retired or Non-Active
BBC Dedication: Only Black Cock for this Slut! (Besides her White husband)
Claim to fame: Hot Wife turned BBC Slut!
(Last updated on September 21st 2014)

I don't think Nina has filmed anything new since 2002 so I am officially labeling her RETIRED, however if you find anything that is post 2002 shoot me a note. Nina seems to be in the forefront of Slut Wives wanting Black Cock and filming it. She does have some wild video's where she is basically fucking guys at an Adult Theater and she is into it.

Here is what her website says:

"My Name is Nina Black, I am 35 years old, petite 5'0 and 115lbs. I grew up in West Texas and was a very homely teenager. It wasn't till I met my current husband, that I blossomed and became a woman. He saw a raw beauty in me and made me feel beautiful. In fact before I met Tom I did not even like sex. That was 14 years ago. Since then, not only have I become fond of sex, I have turned into a real live true slut. I think about sex and cumming most of the day. 

I often find myself with my hand between my legs, rubbing gently, as my mind wonders. I have naughty nasty fantasies several times a day. My husband has not only feed and fostered my nastiness, he got me started and encourages me to explore my inner desires and needs"

Here are some good links for her:
And here are some pictures:

And her videos:

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  1. Nina is my all time favorite. I wonder what happened to Nina.. does anyone have any further info on her?