Monday, September 15, 2014

Envy - (BBCWL106)

Number 106 on our BBC Whore List is another legend in her own right and goes by Ms. Envy!

Here are her details:

Name: Envy (aka. Izabela Kucharska, Julian St. Joy, Kathryn and Kathy)
Status: Single
Nationality: Polish
Home Town: Born - Poland, Lives - Canada
Porn Status: Porn Star - Retired
BBC Dedication: Did both Black & White Cocks!
Claim to fame: Euro Blonde with an appetite for BBC!
(Last updated on September 15th 2014)

Envy is one of those Porn Stars you see however you never know her name. There are tons of them out there where you find that one video that you love to "beat off to" however you never know her name. LOL

Here is what says about her:

"Miss Envy is a woman who has been successful in the print magazine part of adult entertainment too. With appearances in magazines like Cheri, Oui and High Society to name only a very few. When she began working in adult movies, she already had somewhat of a following. Being very close with her family made it easy to tell them when she was moving into the more hardcore side of porn. While there were even some heated discussions about it, she won them over and promised to keep them up to date every day until they were more comfortable. 

After this period of time passed it went a long way to easing their concerns over her safety and happiness. Being happy is something that she has been obsessed with ever since she was growing up. She was always taught that she didn't have to do something that she wasn't happy doing and has lived by that lesson. In the late 1990's before she entered into porn movies, she studied as a masseuse and is quite skilled at giving back massages. This is something that she has always enjoyed and something she practices in her spare time, still studying from books and other sources."

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  1. i love this bitch ...she is a real beauty ...thks 4 posting