Thursday, September 18, 2014

Augustis Foxy - (BBCWL113)

Number 113 on our BBC Whore List is a gorgeous Brunette who goes by the name Ms. Augustis Foxy!

Here are her details:

Name:Augustis Foxy (aka. AugustisFoxy)
Status: Single
Nationality: White - Canadian
Home Town: Edmonton - Alberta, Canada
Porn Status: Amateur - Active
BBC Dedication: Does both Black and White Cocks!
Claim to fame: Canadian Cam Girl turned Amateur IR Porn Slut!
(Last updated on September 18th 2014)

I have to say Augustis is simply gorgeous . . . She just radiates beauty! I was hoping to find some sort of Twitter or Facebook page because I would love to see more pictures of this beauty but I couldn't find anything.

She does have a few video's out there and one of which is a threesome with a couple of brotha's ... So she was immediately added to the list! LOL. If you take Black Cock and we have a video or set of pictures then that is all I need.

Here are some good links for her:
Some of my favorite pictures:

And her video:


  1. here's her Twitter:
    not much there

    1. Good Shit ... Already updated the post!


      Mister X