Sunday, July 20, 2014

Samantha "Queen of Spades" - (BBCWL86)

Number 86 on our BBC Whore List is someone that simply goes by Samantha however her appetite for BBC is legendary!

Here are her details:

Name: Samantha (aka. Samantha Interracial Gangbang Girl, Hot Wife Samantha)
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: Unknown
Porn Status: Amateur - Retired or Non-Active
BBC Dedication: Did only Black Cocks (besides her White husband)
Claim to fame: Cuckolding hubby while she is taking BBC!
(Last updated on July 20th 2014)

For someone that has roughly 17 to 20 videos out it was really hard to find some basic information on this BBC Whore

This is another BBC Whore that was brought to my attention from one of our viewers. So if you know anymore about Samantha feel free to shoot me a note so I can update the post.

Here is the best link:

Here are some photos pulled from her video:

And of course her videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:



  1. Incredible whore!

  2. Give me some time to search my external HD's. I was a member of her personal site, many, many years ago. I've got loads of trailers, some movies and a ton of pictures.

    A lot of the movies go back to the days of Vivo format.

    1. Ozy , is her website still active ? Love what videos i saw, huge fan

  3. I LOVE her!! I hope you find more info on her

  4. I understand she was form Las Vegas USA.
    Married to a very rich and much older guy?
    He liked watching her with others.

    1. Correct, She is from Vegas. All of her tapes are homemade and she used to sell them in swingers magazines

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