Sunday, July 20, 2014

HotWife Dawn - (BBCWL89)

Our 89th BBC Whore List Entry is married and loves BBC and she goes by "Hot Wife Dawn".

Here are her details:

Name: Dawn (aka. HotWife Dawn)
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: Unknown
Porn Status: Amateur - Retired or Non-Active
BBC Dedication: Only Black Cocks! (besides her White husband)
Claim to fame: Last known videos are older where she is taking on some serious BBC.
(Last updated on September 11th 2014)

I don't know what it is about this BBC Whore but I can't get enough of her. She looks like your everyday White Wife and acts like a complete Whore when she is around BBC.

I wasn't able to find out too much details on her personally so if you have anything to share post it in the comments section or shoot me a note.

Here are some good links for Dawn:
Some pictures I pulled from a video of hers:

Here is a link to a video that I wasn't able to embed: - Dawn taking turns on Dawn

And her are her other videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:


  1. She is the best from the best

  2. You missed number this in the first sentence.


    still more out there we gotta get

  4. I have all of her videos, I think, but not for sure what she's done. I've seen some photos of her out there, so I think there are some stills shot from some of her video encounters. Her husband supposedly filmed her vids, and I know that during some of them, flashes go off occasionally so I know there were some stills being shot. If anyone has any idea where to find the photos, any personal info about her, etc, please post on here!

    1. for god's sake, man, post them! there are some out there that I just can't find!

  5. Like the poster above, I have the vidz posted above, but looking for more. I know she was on a site called TabooBride several years ago, but it's long gone. Looking for anymore vidz, plus stills. And any other info about her...

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