Monday, May 8, 2017

Texas Dawn - BBCWL 173

Number 173 on our growing BBC Whore List is a firecracker from Texas who goes by Texas Dawn.

Here are her details:

Name: Texas Dawn (aka. BikiniDawn69, CougarDawn, Patricia Dawn)
Status: Married
Nationality: White-American
Home Town: Arlington, TX - USA
Porn Status: Active-Amateur
BBC Dedication: Texas Based Queen of Spades
Claim To Fame: Another Blonde MILF dedicated to all things that are Black Cock!
(Last updated on May 8th 2017)

Texas Dawn (TD) is one hot MILF/GILF that I know I would love to personally inseminate with some black baby batter. Her dedication to updating her Twitter account with snapshots of her wearing all sorts of Bikinis or next to nothing lingerie shows me that this little filly is ripe to be picked. LOL

I haven't found too many quality videos for this BBC Whore so if you have a links please send them my way. She does have a few snapshots of her, in her Teens or Early 20s and this women is smoking hot.

Look forward to seeing her BBC adventure continue!

Here are some good links:

Here are some of my favorite photos:


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    1. I know you are BBC slut that needs a master I am coming to get my whore

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