Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NEW PAGE SECTION on BBCWL - Unidentified BBC Whores Page

Hello BBCWL Community,

I just added a new section to BBCWL where you can submit Pictures or Video's of Unidentified BBC Whores so our community can help identify!

On a weekly basis I do receive numerous emails or correspondences from you asking to identify a BBC Whore from a Picture or Video. And while I do enjoy getting these notes I usually don't have the time to do a complete search.

So check out the new page by clicking on the link below:

Unidentified BBC Whore Page

You can also access this page on the "Top Right Hand Side" of our main webpage.

Go and take a look and if you know of someone submit a comment with any information you got and let's see how our community can help.

Have fun and thanks,

Mister X

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