BBCWL Interview # 3: Hot Wife Amber Blank

It’s hard to believe I have been at this whole Blogging thing for a little less than 4 years now. What really started off as a passion project has now turned into something a lot more and my latest “Hot Wife” interview really high-lights this reality. 

Just like my audience I am a fan at heart and I absolutely love Interracial Porn so when I am watching, participating or blogging about it, it is really coming from someone who enjoys it as much as you.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Amber Blank who completely blew my mind with her down-to-earth perspective on the how she sees herself in the porn industry and the fact that she is just a wife who is truly having fun without any restrictions.

So, without further ado here is my interview with Amber:

Mister X (MX): Hello Amber, thank you for taking the time to meet with me today! I do have to say before we start here that I am huge fan and for the first time I am a little nervous. LOL

Would you mind giving my audience a quick introduction on who you are?

Amber Blank (AB): Sure, I was born in California and raised in Reno, NV and I have been married for going on 6 years now. I met my husband in the Army, while we were both serving.

MX: Got it, well now I got to thank you again … Thanks for bringing us the joy of watching you take on some Black Cock and NOW thank you for defending our country! LOL

So, I must ask what got you and your husband into the lifestyle of being a Hot Wife or Swinging?

AB: Well we’re both very private and we live in an area where no one really knows who we are.

MX: I was wondering about that? Do you get recognized a lot?

AB: When I first started posting video’s I never really did and I tried to keep it that way by covering up my chest. However, as my audience grew it really didn’t matter anymore because people started recognizing me.

One time while I was attending college someone wrote on the chalkboard “Amber Blank” before class started. It kind of irritated me because I thought most of these people were my friends however porn is a very polarizing industry so I get it.

MX: Wow, as a fan we never consider some of the crazy things someone like yourself might have to go through. I imagine there are probably other things you have been through outside of this so thank you for sharing.

So, back to being a Hot Wife or Swinging Couple what got you started in the lifestyle?

AB: Contrary to what most people think we live a very private life, but we’re both very sexual so when we started swinging we both really enjoyed it.

MX: Got it, so do you consider yourself a Hot Wife or Cuckoldress or Queen of Spades?

AB: I would probably consider myself more of a Swinger than Hot Wife or Cuckoldress. For one my husband is not a cuckold and we don’t view him this way. He simply enjoys seeing his wife with other men.

MX: Appreciate the explanation, so do you enjoying swinging with any color of the spectrum or do you really enjoy the dark meat?

AB:  My husband is half Mexican & White but when I swing or film it’s usually with a Black Man. I would say I enjoy them the most which is why most of my films are with Black Men.

MX: NICE! So are you a size queen? All of the video’s I have seen most of these men really have a third leg as supposed to cock! LOL, I mean look at DFW-Knight, this guy has enough meat to feed the entire state of Texas!

AB: LOL, Knight reached out to us and we were excited about filming with him. I guess I would say no to being a size queen but I do enjoy a large sized cock!

MX: Well I am glad to hear that you love Black Men, especially more for me because I am what you would call a Blacktino (Cuban) who loves white girls! LOL So what about working with any other male porn actors like Shane Diesel, Lexington Steele, Mandingo or even Richard Man?

AB: Honestly, I have been asked several times by my fans to do a scene with Shane! I would do it and in fact I have no problem working with any Black Male Porn Star as long as they come to me. I am not into the whole porn scene in LA I am more a private person.

MX: Got it, I would love to see you do a scene with Shane or Mandingo myself! LOL I do have another question around your chest or more specifically the tattoo you have on it. Can you give us some insight as to what it is specifically and why you got it?

AB: Sure, my tattoo on my chest is inspired from Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky’s 1923 painting called Composition 8. I am very artsy type of girl so when I got my first tattoo I thought this would something nice for just me. I never thought I would be sharing this on video with anyone because I got it in a very private area.

MX: Wow, that is a very cool story and more importantly better than most people who get random tattoos! Okay, I know you get a lot of questions from your fanbase is there anything specific you would like to say or mention?

AB: Yes there is, I am constantly asked by my male audience, “How do I get my wife or girlfriend to swing?”

There really isn’t one answer to this question because we’re such emotional beings. I would say there are several things you need to do to help head in this direction because once you get there you need to be mature in your relationship. So for me specifically I started swinging when I was in my late twenties and I also was in a relationship with someone where we were constantly in communication on how we felt about certain things. We were open about what we didn’t like and as you can see we are open on what we like!
MX: Well said Amber and thank you for sharing with us a small glimpse on who Amber Blank really is. I know I am not alone when I say this but I can’t wait to see you film with Shane or anyone else that is swinging 8 or 9 inches of black meat! LOL


  1. Just keep up the good work Amber

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  3. What a wonderful interview with a wonderful young lady x Keep up the fun and great work Amber

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