Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dawn from Red Head In Heat - (BBCWL55)

Our 55th entry to our BBC Whore List is another MILF turned BBC Whore . . . I am talking about Mrs. Dawn from Red Head In Heat

Here are her specifics:

Name: Dawn from Red Head in Heat (aka. Dawn Interracial, Red Head Dawn)
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: Burlington, KY
Porn Status: Amateur - Retired
BBC Dedication: Did only Black Cocks! (besides her White husbands)
Claim to fame: Swinging MILF turned BBC Whore!
(Last updated on February 9th 2014)

Red Head Dawn is one of the girls you see all the time driving to the store or taking the kids to the soccer game . . . And you tell yourself I wonder if this girl is a freak in bed!?! 

Here is a quick "Blurp" from her Bio Page on her website:

LIKE: Older Men (They are just so much more mature. My husband is 13 years older than me)

DISLIKE: Arrogant men (Can't stand em & LOVE watching them get put in their place)

LIKE: Men with facial & chest hair. (They give me the shivers, the good kind of course)

DISLIKE: Grizzly Adams types of hairy men. (C'mon guys have you ever heard of a beard trimmer)

LIKE: Sexually Aggressive men. (Take charge baby use me like you want)

DISLIKE: Wimpy men (Damn guys have some confidence show a lady you know how to use that thing)

LIKE: Hard pounding sex. (Just throw my legs up over my shoulders and go to town. I'm very bendy)

DISLIKE: Men who think they have to make love to me. (I've got a husband for that guys)

LIKE: Doggie Style, Being On Top, Being Underneath, Standing Up, Lying Down ( Oh hell I just like sex)

DISLIKE: Guys that are shy (Really now if you have to ask what I like then you need to reread the above)

LIKE: ANAL SEX (OK this ranks at the top but I didn't want to sound TOO slutty)

DISLIKE: Guys that don't know how to perform Anal Sex. (Learn how first THEN come see me)

LIKE: Getting dressed up for swinger parties. (Short skirts with no panties is my favorite outfit)

DISLIKE: Men who want to play but don't take a shower first. (Use your head nobody like B.O.)

Here are some good links for Dawn:
Her pictures:

And her videos:

Video 1:

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  1. There is something about her that does it for me,

  2. She's the real deal! It's a damn shame if you've never shoved your big black dick inside of this wife, at least once in your life!

  3. Where is she? Her Web address domain is no longer in use. I sure would like to buy more dvds from her. Or a new website of hers. Is she out of the limelight?

  4. She reminds me of Kitty on That 70s Show

  5. She was sweet, funny and as adorable in person as on the web. Knockout. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, never worthy of childish insults and in my opinion, just absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm glad she retired. I was getting jealous.