Friday, February 21, 2014

Lori Lust - (BBCWL71)

Our 71st entry to the BBC Whore List is another hidden gem who loves BBC she goes by Mrs. Lori Lust!

Here are her specifics:

Name: Lori Lust
Status: Married
Nationality: White (US)
Home Town: Unknown
Porn Status: Amateur/Porn Star - Retired
BBC Dedication: Did both Black & White Cocks!
Claim to fame: "Original Black Cock Slut since 2000" This is what her website use to say.
(Last updated Feb 21st 2014)

This Lori is not to be confused by the fitness model turned Porn Star Lori Lust who has long blonde hair. 

It seems that Lori is now retired and her sites have been taken down. I really couldn't find too much information on why this happened or general information on Lori so if anyone has something shoot me a note.

Here is what had to say about her:

Lori Lust is a retired semi-amateur porn star known for her interracial video series Lori Lust Black Cock Slut in 2001 and 2002. She is not to be confused with fitness model and porn star Lori Lust who assumed the same pseudonym by 2004. 

Lori started her video series with Lori Lust Goes Black in 2001. Her husband Alan ("AG Lust") cooperated as director and manager and made Lori's videos available on tapes, as well as (now defunct) websites and Alan sometimes organized and taped conventions in Las Vegas where Lori was gang-banged by "Mandingo Clubs" (amateur males from white female & black male swinger circles). Such a gang-bang, which featured Arizona and New York Mandingo Clubs and also participated by porn star Justin Slayer (originally released on the tape Mandingo Lust) was reproduced on the DVD Amateurs Gone Black 1: House Wife Edition released in 2005

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Here are some pictures:

Here are her videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:


  1. Lori dumped her white husband for a black guy not all that long after being introduced to black cock. She ended up producing her material herself. She frequently referred to her lover/boyfriend as Black Master (she was something of a sex-slave to him). I have no idea if they are still together.

    1. That White guy wasn't her husband, it was a john. She was a hooker from the get go. Quit dreaming with your racist delusional anti-White male fantasies.

  2. I heard the same story to bout her

  3. Yeah I heard the same story as well, I believe she used to do cam shows at one point too... I used to be in contact with her a few years back, but lost contact with her... Would LOVE to meet her though... She's definitely one smokin' hot chick...

  4. I think she was from or at one time live near San Fran or Sacramento...

    1. Yes she started in Northern Cali had the opportunity to experience her.

  5. She used to escort at the Bunny Ranch.

  6. Husband Name was Alan Ginsey, Mill Creek Washington now taking photos of children sports OMG...NWPhotoandimaging. His dad Denver Ginsey lives in Rancho Mirage and doesnt know his son pimped her out for money....she left him because aglust was abusive and exploited her every way possible.

    1. You are one creepy mother fucker and that's saying a lot on a site that's only visited by creepy mother fuckers.

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  8. I have heard she is HIV positive... anyone else heard that?

  9. I love lorilust is she hiv positive i hope not she was the bomb at one 🕙 time

  10. anyone have lori lust video??

  11. You know...
    Sometimes I wish I didn't read the comments on this blog. Yes, many of us have fantasies about these ladies. Most of us realise that they are just that.. fantasies.. but we read the comments anyway just to see what else we can add to the fantasy to improve it!
    Then you read some semi-literate pig swill written by a dick-arsed pratt and it totally destroys what you had spend years building up in yourmind.
    Here's a bit of info for you fuck-wits out there (you know who you are). Porn ain't fucking real, morons! We know that. Why do you have to post such fucking rubbish claiming something you can't possibly back up and ruin it for everyone else?
    Are you the same twats who gleefully go around telling your kids that Santa doesn't exist when they're five!?
    Get a fucking life and leave the rest of us with our imaginations.

    Lori was, is and always will be a fucking gorgeous woman who, as far as most of us are concerned, has never so much as caught a cold or swore off camera.

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